Golden Retreat for K9s

A pet resort in the Virginia countryside

We are located within an hour of Northern Virginia and the Washington, DC metro areas. Our pet resort is located in the town of Amissville in beautiful Rappahannock County, Virginia. When you cannot take your dogs with you why not keep them at a place that is like home? It is their vacation too.

Our dog boarding facility is 300 feet from our home so we are always close by. Each roomy suite has a window and door offering views of the local countryside.  We have a small, dedicated local staff that get to know your dog’s preferences.

We can accommodate older dogs and dogs needing more care.  We do not charge extra for administering medicine that can be put in their food.  We do charge extra for putting meds into anything other than a pill pocket or canned food and for injections.

We ask that you bring your own food, treats, play toys, personal things and beds (optional) for your dog(s) so they will feel at home and will not have tummy problems from new food.

We also offer dog walks and visits, visits for cats and farm animals in Amissville, Virginia between 9 am and 5 pm. Read more here.

We are proud to be members of the International Association of Canine Professionals.

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Pet Resort Amenities

Staying Together

Your dogs will stay together in the same suite.  They can rest and relax together just as they do at home. If they need to be separated at dinner time, we can accommodate this in one of our larger suites.  These have gates down the middle so your dogs can be together,...

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Dog Pool

Do you have a dog who loves to swim?  During the summer, we can offer swim time onsite in our dog pool for those dogs that love the water.  Please let us know if this is your preference.

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We can provide safe and reliable transportation to and from our pet resort. Please inquire for pricing. If you live in our coverage area, additionally we can transport your dog(s) from your home to their veterinarian or grooming appointments.

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Outdoor Views

Every one of our suites has a full size door and window so your dog can enjoy the outdoor views. They can watch birds, squirrels and sometimes deer in the woods nearby. This dog suite has a cow theme and a fun wall hanging.  Wall hangings brighten up our pet resort...

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Puppy’s Packing List

Here's a packing list for your dog for their stay with us: most recent vaccination records their regular food and treats favorite toys or blankets any current medications We don't want to risk a tummy upset by having your dog on a different food during their stay with...

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Quiet Suites

Your dog will receive individual care from when they arrive to pick up time.  Some dogs may prefer to be in one of the quiet suites in the back where they away from other dogs.   All suites have both gates and doors. The doors can be shut if they prefer a more private...

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Kitchen Facilities

We provide stainless steel water and food bowls for all dogs. We use the microwave in our kitchen facilities to heat any frozen diets. If special preparation is required our home is close by and we can accommodate almost any needs. We have a full size refrigerator and...

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Larger Suites

While all of our suites are a good size, some have divided areas to accommodate families with multiple dogs. Some dogs need to be separated while eating and these larger suites are already set up for this. A beautiful golden retriever playing in a larger suite.  This...

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Dog Grooming

We offer full service dog grooming onsite.  Please be sure to book this at least 2 weeks in advance. Or your dog can be treated to a nice bath and blow dry, brushing and some light hair trimming while at our resort .

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